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How to Create a Data Management Plan

Learn about Data Management Planning in research projects through this article. Why should Data Management Plans be created and how to work with them. See how effective planning drives scientific progress and improves research practices.

Dealing with Diversity of DMP Templates

Discover a range of DMP templates designed for diverse funding and institutional needs. Find out how FAIR Wizard can be used for your data management planning tailored to local needs.

Value Integrations in Integration Hub

Learn about the value integrations in Integration Hub, a simple way to suggest values from a CSV file while filling in a data management plan in FAIR Wizard.

DMPonline vs FAIR Wizard

Explore differences between DMPonline and FAIR Wizard. This blog post will help you decide which tool should be used for creating a Data Management Plan for your project.

FAIR vs OPEN Data Principles

The FAIR and OPEN Data Principles are gaining increasing attention in the research field recently. This blog post explains what these principles entail and outlines how data should be generated to align with them.

About Data Management Planning

Data Management Planning is an important part of Data Management. Let's learn all about it and benefits it will bring to your organization and how you can use the FAIR Wizard to create a robust and coherent Data Management Plan.

Project Templates in FAIR Wizard

When starting a new project in the FAIR Wizard, researchers choose the knowledge model (a template for a questionnaire they want to fill out) based on their research field or…

Develop Your Document Template for FAIR Wizard with TDK

In the FAIR Wizard, you can create a project, fill the questionnaire there, and then generate a document by selecting the desired document template and format.

How to Improve Integration Question Item Template in FAIR Wizard

In the previous tutorial, we’ve seen how to configure and use a new integration with an integration question. We integrated…

How to Configure Integration Question in FAIR Wizard

The integration question provides a way to connect a question to an external repository. The answer to that question also contains a link to…