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In this course, participants will learn the basics of how to use DSW and how to create a DMP. The course covers:

  • How to log in and edit your profile
  • What a knowledge model is and how to select one for your DMP
  • Filling in the DMP and using FAIR metrics
  • What the document templates are and how to create documents
  • Sharing DMP and online collaboration
  • How to clone and migrate a DMP
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Data Steward

This course is focused on how to create and manage knowledge Models. The course covers:

  • How to create a new knowledge model
  • How to configure different types of questions, answers, FAIR metrics, etc.
  • How to configure an integration question
  • How to publish a knowledge model
  • What a knowledge model migration is
  • How to manage knowledge models in DSW
  • How to manage document templates in DSW
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Template Development

In this course, participants will learn how to create document templates for DSW. The course covers:

  • What DSW Template Development Kit is and how to use it
  • Template project anatomy and how to manage one
  • How to access DMP information, knowledge model, and questionnaire replies in the template
  • Advanced template development (composing a template from multiple files, re-usable macros, recursion)
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This course covers all system settings and configurations available to admin users:

  • How to manage user accounts in DSW
  • How to configure authentication and set up Open ID
  • Various user interface settings
  • How to connect DSW instance to DSW Registry
  • How to configure document submission service
  • Configurable DSW features
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System Admin

This course focuses on how to configure and deploy DSW. The course covers:

  • What Docker images DSW is composed of, and their configuration
  • How to configure e-mails and e-mail templates
  • Client customizations
  • Custom localizations and icons
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