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Get Started

This video shows how to easily and quickly get started doing Data Management Planning with the FAIR Wizard.

Introduction to Environment from Point of Researcher

This video will show you the basic workflow of a Researcher who wants to create a Data Management Plan.

You will see how to create a Project, what options you then have while filling it out, and how you can generate a Document.


This video demonstrates how to collaborate with others when creating a Data Management Plan.

It covers various collaboration tools and options, such as sharing a Project with others, enabling them to work with you. Additionally, it explains how to create Comments and TODOs to facilitate communication during the Project.

Questions and Question Types

This video will show you all types of questions that FAIR Wizard offers.

You will see how the question is structured, what it can contain, and how the Researcher would answer it.

Project Migration

This video will show you how the project migration in FAIR Wizard works.

You will see how the Knowledge Model updates affect ongoing Projects and how are those updates handled and presented to the Researcher.