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Enhance your data management with the Analytics features. Consolidate comprehensive insights effortlessly, analyze project data, track metrics, and export data seamlessly to a CSV file. Tailor views to your needs, making information preparation and processing a breeze.


Streamlined Analytics with FAIR Wizard

Streamlined Analytics

Unlock the power of FAIR Wizard with our user-friendly analytics, seamlessly bringing together all your data for easy analysis and practical decision-making in one centralized hub.

Project Insights

Project Insights

Explore project specifics like current phase, project members, FAIR metric performance, and beyond. Unlock actionable insights to improve management strategies. What gets measured gets managed!

Custom Views

Custom View

Create different views that suit your needs. Whether checking the top 10 least filled projects or getting creative with your needs, customization is in your hands.

Efficient Data Handling with CSV Export

Export to CSV

Effortlessly export all view data to a CSV file, allowing you to prepare and process information according to your needs. Elevate your data management with this convenient feature, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

Discover Other Features

Uncover a range of additional features and explore the full capabilities of the system.

FAIR Data PracticesFAIR Data PracticesPromote and monitor FAIRness of data within your institution.Efficient OutputsEfficient OutputsAvoid administrative burden and generate suitable documents.