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Data Management Planner

The Data Management Planner is where the data management plans are created. However, you don't need to write a lot of text. Instead, you are guided by a smart questionnaire through the necessary areas of a proper DMP. Then, choose the output document template to prepare your DMP for submission.

Data Management Planner

Knowledge Models

Knowledge Model

The first part of creating a data management plan is collecting the data in a questionnaire. The knowledge model defines what should be asked and how. It serves as a template for questionnaires.

Document Templates

Document Template

After the data is collected, various document templates can be used to get the output document: human-readable or machine-actionable. You fill in the data once, and you can get several output documents out of it.


The primary goal of researchers is to create their data management plan. FAIR Wizard provides tools to guide them and help with the process, making it easier than writing everything from scratch. On top of that, there are options for online collaboration with the team so everybody can fill their part.

Smart Questionnaires

Smart Questionnaire

Smart questionnaires guide researchers through filling the data management plans by showing only the relevant questions, providing advice, indicating FAIR metrics, or offering answers from external repositories and databases.

Online Collaboration

Online Collaboration

Researchers can share the data management plans with different permission options and work with their team live online. They comment, create editor notes, assign TODOs on questions, or see all the changes made in the history.

Data Stewards

Data stewards use knowledge model editors to create new or update existing knowledge models to match their organization's needs. They also ensure the document templates for data management plans fulfill the organization's and funder's requirements in case the defaults are not sufficient.

Knowledge Model Editor

Knowledge Model Editor

Knowledge models are fully customizable. In the knowledge model editor, you can define the structure, choose the correct question types, create integrations, set up metrics, and more.

Document Template Editor

Document Template Editor

Document templates are also fully customizable. It requires some technical knowledge, but you can create any output format. The editor makes creating the templates in the FAIR Wizard seamless.

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Management and GuidanceManagement and GuidanceProvide researchers with guidance in planning data management.Seamless CollaborationSeamless CollaborationLet researchers and data stewards work efficiently in symbiosis.