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Admin Center

Admin Center serves as a hub for efficient organization management. Gain insights into user accounts, assign roles, create user groups, and perform various tasks effortlessly. Simplify user account creation by importing or connecting FAIR Wizard to your identity provider.

Admin Center

User Management

User Management

In the Admin Center, you can efficiently handle user accounts – inviting new users, adjusting roles, and deactivating accounts that are no longer needed. It's a straightforward approach to user management.

Groups for Easier Access Management

User Groups

User groups are a great way to make project access management effortless. Instead of adding individual users, you can create private or public groups of people working together and assign them easily to projects.

Identity Providers

Your organization might already have a system for managing user accounts. Using Admin Center, you can connect these accounts directly to FAIR Wizard using OpenID, Active Directory, LDAP, SAML, or Shibboleth. Then, your users don't have to create new accounts but can use what they already have.

User Import

Import Users

Admin Center facilitates efficient user management by allowing the quick import of user accounts from CSV files, providing a straightforward process for streamlined administration.

Project Import

Import projects

Instead of manually creating all the projects and assigning users, simplify it by importing a CSV file with the project information, such as name, document template, or users working on the project.

Discover Other Features

Uncover a range of additional features and explore the full capabilities of the system.

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