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A Complete Comparison of DSW and FAIR Wizard

Data Stewardship Wizard (DSW) has become a leading tool for data management plans. Still, self-supporting an open-source project brings a lot of additional responsibilities and cost resources. With DSW at its core, FAIR Wizard offers an all-encompassing, fully managed, cloud-native data management planning platform.

DSW vs FAIR Wizard
FAIR Wizard

Beyond DSW

While FAIR Wizard uses the DSW wizard engine for data management planning, it offers so much more on different levels. We provide additional applications for easier integration of data management planning into your research workflow, from managing user accounts across systems to reporting on top of DMPs.

Additionally, we provide the infrastructure, so you don't have to worry about anything related to reliably running the platform. With the paid plans, you also gain access to support and trainings.

Unleash the Full Power of Data Management Planning

While DSW offers great features for data management planning, it lacks in other departments necessary for seamless integration into your existing workflows and systems.

Explore the features FAIR Wizard offers on top of the baseline data management planning and how it can help your organization.

Data Management Planning
Projects & DMPsCreate data management plans
Live CollaborationWork on DMPs together real-time
Version HistoryTrack and audit DMP changes
Knowledge Models ManagementHow the data for DMPs are collected
Document Template ManagementHow the output documents look like
Project ImportGet started quickly
User Management
UsersManage user accounts and roles
User GroupsFor easier permission assignments
User ImportCreate user accounts quickly
OpenID AuthenticationConnect to systems managing user accounts
Additional Identity ProvidersActive Directory, LDAP, SAML, Shibboleth
Integrations and Analytics
Integration HubStreamline your integrations
AnalyticsGet insights from your data
Audit LogReview system activity events
ReportingDBBuild reports on top of the raw data
Operations and Support
Time TravelWhen something goes wrong
Preview Instance with Future VersionTo prepare your content for the next version
Community SupportAsk for help in the community of DSW users
Personalised & Priority SupportGet help quickly directly from our team
You Manage, We Manage

Eliminate Your Operations Costs

Although open-source software DS Wizard is free, its operation is not. You need to take care of your infrastructure where it is running - your servers, load balancing, scaling. You also need to set up monitoring and backups to make sure everything is running smoothly and have a way to recover if something goes wrong.

Don't forget it's not enough to get things running. Regular updates and hotfixes must be deployed so you don't use outdated software. It is also a common practice to have a testing instance with the next version to ensure all content (such as knowledge models or document templates) is ready for production before deployment of the next version on production.

In FAIR Wizard, we manage all that for you.

Experience the Enterprise Cloud

FAIR Wizard is an enterprise-ready cloud-based solution. Compared to running DSW on-premise yourself, you can skip the complicated set up phase and start in just a few clicks with all the additional features at your disposal.

Save time and resources you would need for on-premise solution to more important things to do, such as your research!

You Manage, We Manage