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Tailored for Institutions

Empower your organization to lead, manage, and guide researchers towards better data management practices. Utilize our cloud solution to create fully customizable data management plans (DMPs) tailored to your specific needs.

  • Brings plan-driven data management
  • Accommodates to institutional needs
  • Integrates within existing workflows and tools
Tailored for Institutions

Compose Dynamic DMPs

FAIR Wizard Project

Our platform goes beyond organizational Data Management Planning, supporting living documents that stakeholders can easily track. Accessible via FAIR Wizard, Business Intelligence dashboards, or your CRM, our integrated platform ensures seamless oversight of data management for enhanced effectiveness.

Keep Track of Plans

Usage metrics

Efficiently monitor data-related activities by harnessing valuable information from Data Management Plans. This empowers internal evaluations, strategic planning, business development, and enhances data stewardship practices. Maximize the value of your data through insightful utilization of Data Management Plans.

Plug to Your Daily Workflows

Efficiently plug FAIR Wizard into your workflows and experience the power of streamlined planning. Through integration and automation, planning becomes an integral part of your daily data management practice, fostering the adoption of best practices throughout your institution.

Integrate and Automate

If you already have existing solutions for your data management, those can be integrated. Start applying plan-driven approach, for example, setup repositories for researchers or generate metadata templates for their records based on their Data Management Plans automatically.

Get Funded

Besides the advantages of plan-driven data management, Data Management Plans are crucial for various funding calls. Generate Data Management Plans compliant with funder templates to ensure eligibility and improve funding opportunities.

Discover Other Features

Uncover a range of additional features and explore the full capabilities of the system.

Management and GuidanceManagement and GuidanceProvide researchers with guidance in planning data management.FAIR Data PracticesFAIR Data PracticesPromote and monitor FAIRness of data within your institution.