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Easily plug the data management planning to the everyday workflows of researchers and data stewards. The integration and automation capabilities enable efficient and seamless data exchange with other systems and tools. Adjust look of the FAIR Wizard to your organization standards.

  • Adapts to organizational environment
  • Streamlines plan-driven data stewardship
  • Enhances user experience
Plug & Plan

Move to Plan-Driven Data Stewardship

Machine Actionable Documents

Data stewardship with a structured approach ensures effective data management and governance. It involves creating a comprehensive data management plan with FAIR Wizard and automating related systems. This proactive approach improves data quality, privacy, security, and compliance, enhancing reliability, integrity, and trustworthiness.

Integrate and Automate Data Stewardship

Machine Actionable Documents

Integrating and automating data management through strategic planning enables organizations to promote FAIR and best practices. Leveraging machine-actionability and APIs streamlines workflows, facilitates metadata exchange, and enhances interoperability, ensuring efficient data sharing and reuse while adhering to FAIR principles and industry standards.

Use Existing User Accounts

Alternative login methods

Using local identity provider via OpenID or SAML helps to provide a seamless user experience. Users can access the application using their existing trusted credentials, streamlining onboarding, and enhancing security through robust authentication mechanisms.

Plan-Driven Data Stewardship is a practice where Data Stewardship is centered around creating a robust Data Management Plan, which then leads to improvements in data quality, privacy, security, and compliance.

Adapt Look and Feel

Look and Feel settings

Adapting the look and feel is a valuable feature, as it allows organizations to align the user interface with their branding and design guidelines. Provide a consistent and familiar user experience, enhancing user satisfaction and promoting a cohesive visual identity for the organization.

Reuse Data from Your Systems and Databases

Integration settings

Organizations benefit from reusing data stored in different systems and databases. It saves effort, reduces costs, improves consistency and accuracy, promotes interoperability, and enhances collaboration.

Discover Other Features

Uncover a range of additional features and explore the full capabilities of the system.

Management and GuidanceManagement and GuidanceProvide researchers with guidance in planning data management.Seamless CollaborationSeamless CollaborationLet researchers and data stewards work efficiently in symbiosis.