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Management and Guidance

FAIR Wizard efficiently connects researchers and data stewards, facilitating interactive guidance that evolves with changing technologies and approaches. With a user-friendly platform, they can easily collaborate to plan and improve data management practices over time.

  • Guides through data stewardship
  • Promotes applying best practices
  • Adjusts to local needs
Management and Guidance

Incorporate Your Practices

Metrics example

FAIR Wizard empowers you to capture unique and organization-specific knowledge, enabling proper guidance for researchers. By following best practices and complying with your internal data management rules, researchers can ensure effective data management practices.

Guide via Integrations

Integration settings

Streamline data entry by enabling users to select answers from external services, registries, and databases, avoiding manual duplication. They can easily choose metadata standards, file formats, or repositories, reducing redundancy and improving efficiency of Data Management Planning.

A data steward is an individual responsible for managing and ensuring the quality, security, and compliance of data within an organization or project.

Provide Guidance to Researchers

Guidance in questionnaire

We prioritize researchers' needs, offering guidance that benefits both them and your organization. Our aim is to empower researchers through streamlined data stewardship for mutual success within your environment.

Link Resources and Experts

Links to external resources

Educate your staff in data stewardship through access to valuable resources such as trainings, articles, registries, and more. Enhance their planning capabilities by providing useful links and contact information for experts in specific domains for further assistance.

Discover Other Features

Uncover a range of additional features and explore the full capabilities of the system.

Seamless CollaborationSeamless CollaborationLet researchers and data stewards work efficiently in symbiosis.FAIR Data PracticesFAIR Data PracticesPromote and monitor FAIRness of data within your institution.