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Highly Customizable

Tailor the FAIR Wizard to meet organization-specific needs. Customize guidance, project templates, messages, and document templates to align seamlessly with existing data management practices, ensuring flexibility and integration.

  • Guides with local best practices
  • Generates custom documents
  • Links internal resources
Highly Customizable

Guide Through Interactive Questionnaires


Every organization has its own unique needs and infrastructure regarding Data Management. FAIR Wizard allows you to interactively guide your users through different options they have for their projects. They will see questions and options only relevant for them. It is possible to explain necessary stuff in higher detail, provide links to additional resources, or include contacts for experts.

Develop Document Templates

Document Template editor

You might find that you want to generate different documents using the same data. Document templates enable you to do exactly that. You can select from various formats and create templates in them. You can do this either using the Template Development Kit or using the Document Template Editor directly in the FAIR Wizard.

Prepare Project Templates

Create Project options

Your researcher wants to minimize time spent on filling out project metadata. With FAIR Wizard, you can prepare a project where everything has already been set up for them. Choose the correct knowledge model, set up a document template, and pre-fill some answers. The researchers then just must pick up the template and finish it to create a Data Management Plan.

Adjust Dashboard and Other Pages

Dashboard Style settings

Role-based dashboard shows to every user exactly what they need to see. Apart from that, it is also possible to set up info screens using Markdown or HTML. Various announcements can also be used to inform your users either in the FAIR Wizard, or on the login screen.

Discover Other Features

Uncover a range of additional features and explore the full capabilities of the system.

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