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FAIR Data Practices

Making your data FAIR and implementing other data management policies and principles are necessary to ensure data reusability. FAIR Wizard offers tools that ensure your data remains FAIR throughout its lifecycle, promoting data quality in the long run. With FAIR Wizard, you can establish and enforce best data management practices, while also ensuring compliance with funder requirements.

  • Measures FAIR (and beyond) metrics
  • Promotes applying best practices
  • Helps keeping data save and useful
FAIR Data Practices

Ensure Data Integrity, Backup, and Recovery Implementation

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Implementing practices and processes that ensure data integrity, backup, and recovery involves establishing procedures and measures to maintain the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of data, as well as to safeguard it from loss or damage.

Establish and Enforce Data Management Policies

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For data backup, organizations should establish regular and systematic backups of their data, creating copies of important data assets and storing them in secure locations, whether it's on-site or off-site, physical or cloud-based. These backups serve as a safety net in case of data loss or corruption, allowing for data recovery and minimizing the impact of unexpected events.

FAIR refers to a set of principles for data management and sharing, emphasizing that data should be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable to enhance its value and utility in research.

Proactively Mitigate Potential Data Loss Scenarios

By filling out a Data Management Plan, organizations can effectively identify weak spots in their data management and data storage infrastructure, enabling them to proactively address vulnerabilities and implement necessary improvements. The process of documenting data management practices and storage strategies helps uncover gaps, potential risks, and areas for enhancement, leading to a more resilient and secure data management ecosystem.

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