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💰Plans and Billing

💬Is FAIR Wizard free?

Yes, we have a starter plan. With the starter plan you get access to the essential data management planning features for up to 10 users. This allows you to thoroughly evaluate our application before making a purchase decision. No credit card is required to sign up for the free plan.

💬For how long can I use the starter plan?

The starter plan is free forever. You can use it as long as you want.

💬Do you offer discounts for large amount of seats or longer contract duration?

Yes, do not hesitate to contact us at and we will prepare a custom offer for you.

💬Do you offer unlimited version of seats?

Yes, if your need a large number of seats or you just don't want to worry about the number of seats, we can prepare a custom offer for you. Just send us an email to

💬We are not sure about the number of seats. Are you flexible in billing the paid seats?

Yes, we are flexible. Let's have a talk together and we will find a solution that will fit your needs. Just send us an email to