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🚀4.8.0Under Development

📅Release Cycle
  • Release:Jul 2nd, 2024

  • Preview:Jul 5th, 2024

  • Production:Aug 2nd, 2024


  • Add Analytics for Knowledge Models

  • Add collapse for follow-up questions in Questionnaire

  • Add highlight to a selected row in Audit Log

  • Add information on which Document Template was used to create a Document to Documents List

  • Improve loading of Project Detail

  • Improve List of Items expand in Questionnaire so it is always visible

  • Improve links in Audit Log to be opened in new tab

  • Improve error message when using wrong ID/token in Registry

  • Rework Share modal in Project Detail


  • Fix Reporting filter would be hidden behind menu if the first column was too thin


  • Move Announcements to be set only in Admin Center

  • Upgrade Font Awesome used for icons to version 6