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📅Release Cycle
  • Release:May 7th, 2024

  • Preview:May 10th, 2024

  • Production:Jun 7th, 2024



  • Added user role as column to user import

  • Added refresh to Reporting after scraping has finished

  • Added information to Project Settings that the Project Template has to be shared with others in order to be visible

  • Improved sideways scrollbar in Value Integration to be visible at all times

  • Improved instance color change selection by adding color picker

  • Improved error messages for trying to delete currently logged-in user

  • Improved About modal with information which app is currently opened

  • Reworked cancel buttons in create forms


  • Fixed settings order of Projects in Reporting by Answered or Answered (Current Phase) would result in error

  • Fixed some parts of Project were not accessible when Project was shared with a public link in edit mode

  • Fixed comments in threads in Projects had random order

  • Fixed incorrect redirection to nested pages within apps after login

  • Fixed routing after clicking on Cancel in several Create forms

  • Fixed Markdown newlines using \ would not render correctly in Document

  • Fixed delete buttons in Submission Service settings would submit the whole form

  • Fixed App Switcher was hidden behind Reporting row numbers when Items per Page was set to all

  • Fixed unclear error message when trying to delete user currently logged-in as

  • Fixed Submission Settings had Save button even when there was no change

  • Fixed create new Document Template form would suggest a wrong version number

  • Fixed some menu items were only partially clickable

  • Fixed rare wrong rendering of icons