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📅Release Cycle
  • Release:Mar 5th, 2024

  • Preview:Mar 8th, 2024

  • Production:Apr 5th, 2024



  • Added Reporting app

  • Added create project from template from projects list dropdown menu

  • Added private group switch description

  • Added roles to menu to all apps

  • Improved project creation form

  • Improved move functionality in knowledge model editor with highlighting item that is being moved

  • Adjusted color of non-desirable questions


  • Fixed downloading documents from read-only sharing projects would not work

  • Fixed color changes would not propagate to some apps

  • Fixed user groups could be edit and deleted by non-owners

  • Fixed user would not be redirected back to the app they logged out from after login

  • Fixed migrating project would not change "updated at" value

  • Fixed wrong routing in User Groups