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📅Release Cycle
  • Release:Nov 13th, 2023

  • Preview:Nov 15th, 2023

  • Production:Dec 9th, 2023



  • Added Admin Center for administrators to manage users and user groups.

  • Introduced nested routes, client now runs on /wizard and server on /wizard-api, so that both can run on single subdomain.

  • SASS was removed from the client image, and styling options have been reworked.

  • Integration response is now shown as plain text in the questionnaire version history, so the raw Markdown code is not visible there.

  • Added focus to the first input field when adding a new or opening an existing entity in the KM editor.


  • Fixed non-desirable follow-up questions in questionnaires so there is no empty box.

  • Fixed warnings for deleted entities in the KM editor.

  • Fixed watch mode termination in TDK in some cases.

  • Fixed creating templates with brackets in name in TDK.