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Upgrade your data management plans to the next level

Collaborate, automate, and integrate data management plans in your group or organisation and become FAIR. We offer enterprise-ready cloud where you can simply benefit from well-known features of Data Stewardship Wizard and additional services.

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FAIR Wizard application

Data Stewardship Wizard in Cloud

Data Stewardship Wizard is an open-source tool that allows you to create, plan, collaborate, and bring your data management plans to life. It is trusted by thousands of people worldwide — from data management pioneers to international research institutes.DSW Logo

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FAIR Wizard is an ecosystem consisting of enterprise-ready cloud and additional services built using Data Stewardship Wizard. We are the core developers of the open-source tool. With FAIR Wizard, we can use our expertise to promote FAIR data stewardship in your research group, academic institution as well as enterprise organisation.

Our solutions are designed to your benefit in a wide portfolio of services and tiers. Although the cloud is the main blockbuster suitable for most, we offer much more and we are prepared for your special needs. Try FAIR Wizard without any risks and discover its benefits.

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Identity Providers

Users can easily login to your FAIR Wizard using SSO. We support OpenID as well as SAML, Active Directory, or LDAP.

Time Travel

Our cloud solution allows you to revert the older state of your FAIR Wizard. You can decide how much you need to go back in time.

Custom Branding

Visual identity is an essential part of the look and feel for the users. You can easily adjust colours or logo, and additional styling is also possible.


We are always ready to provide assistance whenever you run into any issues. As the authors of the DSW, we are the best to support you and provide related services.


FAIR Wizard is designed for integration in complex environments. It provides an API and allows you to connect to various services.